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About P R Reddy

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Mr P R Reddy Worked as IIT faculty in Narayana for 2 years then worked as IIT faculty in VEDA IIT Academy for another 2 years. P R Reddy is passionate about writing books and teaching then he founded P. R. REDDY PUBLICATIONS in 2012 and published best-selling books for various competitive exams. He is an author of 40+ books within the span of 4 years. P R Reddy innovated a Test series which is a unique way conducting exams where it helps aspirants not to miss any topic from the syllabus and stick to a plan dedicate his time to fulfil their dreams become an officer.


MSC (Physics), MSC (Mathematics)


14 Years (Trainer, Author, Motivator and Mentor)


  • The depth and quality of content of the test series is surely fact is actually more than what u needed for APPSC exam.

  • I join all online tests for screening But I practice only prreddy test I got 108 marks Thanks to prreddy team

  • For screening i just prepared my self and taken online exams of pr reddy only. I got 86 as per primary key

  • prr vyoma exams are very useful n covering the subject was excellent my side for screening vyoma tests are very useful for mains will concentrate on depth questions will be useful


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