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Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Vyoma website. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please get in touch with us. You can contact our help team by emailing If your question is related to subscriptions or advertising, please visit the contact us page for more information.

Question. How to start online exam ?
Ans. Login( with your username and password. On login you will be able to see all the available online exams. Click on the START EXAM button to start the test.
Question. How to Register for a exam??
Ans. Open, select your exams from APPSC/TSPSC or any. Select your exam package,then Click on Register and proceed.
Question. What is the last date to Register/enroll for Online Test Series?
Ans. Aspirants can enroll up to the specified date and time mentioned in the package details.
Question. Can I use any Bank Debit card/ Credit card for the payment??
Ans. Yes, all bank cards are acceptable.
Question. Is there any fee refund process??
Ans. No, the fee is non refundable.
Question. Do I need special Software to access tests??
Ans. No, you do not require any other software. You require system (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile) with proper internet connectivity.
Question. Is there is any test center or can I give the test from anywhere??
Ans. You require system (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile,TAB) with proper internet connectivity. You can give your Test from any Internet Cafe. You can appear for tests anytime, anywhere in between the Activation Period. Question. Can I download the test papers??
Ans. Test papers cannot be downloaded, but it is possible to refer the test papers/solutions whenever you like in between the Activation Period.
Question. Will there be any fixed time schedule within which I have to take the exam??
Ans. There is no fixed time to appear for tests. Tests will be uploaded as per the given time table and tests will be available up to the specified date and time mentioned. You can appear for the tests as per your convenience within this time period. Question. Will I get the solutions to the questions asked in the online test??
Ans. Yes, solutions along with the explanations will be available, after completion of your exam.
Question. How do I get the analysis of my performance in an Online Test??
Ans. Test result/analysis will be displayed as soon you finish your test. or click Exam Results button located on left hand side as soon as you log into your profile
Question. What if I accidentally close the exam window??
Ans. Please do not close the window or Do not press back button while exam is running.
Question. How many times a candidate can appear for the particular test??
Ans. One test can be appeared only once. Question. I did not receive fees receipt & login credentials??
Ans. Make sure you have given a valid and working E-mail ID. Check your spam folder; else ensure that your inbox is not full.
Question. Is it possible to refer the questions/solutions of test paper-1 which I had appeared 2 months back??
Ans. Questions along with the solutions will be available up to the last day. Whenever you want to refer, you can log in and refer the questions/solutions of the test which you had appeared.
Question. Can I pay the fee through cash or D.D? Ans. No, fee can be paid only through credit or debit cards (only VISA, Master & maestro cards are accepted)?
Question. The test is taking too much time to upload and also my system is not working properly??
Ans. We have deployed the best tested server to provide high speed and connectivity, kindly check your system and internet for speed/connectivity related issues.
Question. I forgot my password?
Ans. Enter into login page and click on password Recovery; automatically password will be mailed to your registered E-mail ID.
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