Exam-PackageAPPSC Group 2 Prelims 2019 TM (APG235T-246)
Brief Description Appsc Group 2 - 2019 COMBO will Have CWT+GT Package + Bonus Tests (*AP Budget, Economic Survey 2018-19; *India Budget, Economic Survey 2018-19 +Extra Current Affairs Tests)
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Exams in this package

S.NoExam nameExam Avaliable FromNumber of
1AP Gr2 CWT 1 TM05-Jan-2019150150
2AP Gr2 CWT 2 TM09-Jan-2019150150
3Jan-19 CA Test- 210-Jan-20195050
4Jan-19 CA Test-310-Jan-20195050
5Jan-19 CA Test-110-Jan-20195050
6AP Gr2 CWT 3 TM13-Jan-2019150150
7AP Gr2 CWT 4 TM17-Jan-2019150150
8AP Gr2 CWT 5 TM21-Jan-2019150150
9AP Gr2 CWT 6 TM25-Jan-2019150150
10AP Gr2 GT 1 TM29-Jan-2019150150
11AP Gr2 CWT 7 TM29-Jan-2019150150
12AP Gr2 GT 2 TM01-Feb-2019150150
13Feb-19 CA Test-102-Feb-20195050
14AP Gr2 CWT 8 TM02-Feb-2019150150
15Feb-19 CA Test-203-Feb-20195050
16AP Gr2 GT 3 TM04-Feb-2019150150
17Feb-19 CA Test-3 05-Feb-2019150150
18AP Gr2 CWT 9 TM06-Feb-2019150150
19AP Gr2 GT 4 TM07-Feb-2019150150
20AP Gr2 CWT 10 TM10-Feb-2019150150
21AP Gr2 GT 5 TM10-Feb-2019150150
22AP Gr2 GT 6 TM13-Feb-2019150150
24AP Gr2 CWT 11 TM14-Feb-2019150150
25AP Gr2 GT 7 TM16-Feb-2019150150
26AP Gr2 CWT 12 TM18-Feb-2019150150
31AP Gr2 GT 11 TM06-Mar-2019150150
32March-19 CA Test-106-Mar-20195050
33AP Gr2 GT 12 TM12-Mar-2019150150
34March-19 CA Test-218-Mar-20195050
35March-19 CA Test-320-Mar-20195050
36AP Gr2 GT 13 TM21-Mar-2019150150
37AP Gr2 GT 14 TM28-Mar-2019150150
38AP Gr2 GT 15 TM10-Apr-2019150150
39APPSC Group 3 Statewide Mega Grand Test 201914-Apr-2019150150
40AP Gr2 GT 16 TM14-Apr-2019150150
41AP Gr2 GT 17 TM18-Apr-2019150150
42AP Gr2 GT 18 TM22-Apr-2019150150
43AP Gr2 GT 19 TM26-Apr-2019150150
44AP Gr2 GT 20 TM29-Apr-2019150150

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