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India ranked as 5th most vacation deprived nation
India ranks as the fifth most vacation deprived country globally with 60 percent respondents corroborating with the view, Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report 2017. Expedia is a full-service online travel agency. South Korea stood at number one position with 82 percent, followed by France (66 percent), Malaysia (65 percent) and Hong Kong (64 percent), it added. Among the least vacation deprived country Norway is ranked number one at 38 percent followed by the Netherlands (39 percent), Ireland (44 percent), Sweden (44 percent) and Taiwan (44 percent).
The survey further revealed that 55 percent Indians take fewer days of the vacation days they get a 28 percent don't take leaves as work schedule does not allow for vacation or there are not enough staff to cover. " It is very important to inculcate an organisational culture that promotes healthy work-life balance through timely vacations. While technology helps us leave the office in time, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are disconnected from work"

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