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Nation observed 26th November as constitutional day and also paid homage to 26/11 terror attack victims

NOVEMBER 26 AS LAW DAY (1979-2015):

It was in 1979, when the first proposal was mooted to celebrate November 26 as an anniversary of the adoption of Constitution and assess the state of law in the country as envisaged by the framers of the legal document.

Noted jurist and former parliamentarian LM Singhvi proposed to in the Supreme Court Bar Association that National Law Day should be celebrated to mark the adoption of Constitution on November 26.

A resolution was passed by the Supreme Court Bar Association in 1979. The National Law Day was celebrated thereafter till 2015.

######## Constitutional day ########

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in October 2015 that November 26 would be celebrated as the Constitution Day in the memory of Dr BR Ambedkar.
Facts about constitution:

  1. The Constitution was prepared over 2 years, 11 months and 17 days. The first  session of the Constituent Assembly was held on December 9, 1946.

  2. A total of 11 sessions of the Constituent Assembly was held including those by the drafting committee under the chairmanship of BR Ambedkar.  The drafting committee was one of the 17 such bodied set up under the Constituent Assembly.

  3. Dr Rajendra Prasad, who went on to become the first President of India, was the chairman of the Constituent Assembly. The Constitution making committees held meetings on 165 days to hold deliberations and debate provisions to be incorporated.

  4. There were 299 members, including 15 women, of the Constituent Assembly. Of them 284 members finally signed the Constitution, when it was adopted in 1949.

####### Mumbai terror attack######
26th November 2017 was the ninth anniversary of the mumbai terrorist attack, carried out by 10 terrorists from Pakistan over three days that left 166 people dead.

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