Humbled by the efforts of a Govt school teacher in building a learning platform for the aspirants living in remote locations, Many educated individuals living in rural India cannot gain access to higher standards of education. The aspirants preparing for various competitive exams, especially state-level public service commission exams have to treat the opportunity as once in a lifetime chance to prove their ability and achieve the desired government job. Such aspirants who cannot afford to relocate to cities and pay considerable amount for training at a physical institute can now utilise the services provided by and prepare for various competitive exams.

This also eliminates the costly mistake of choosing an institute and later finding out its lack of education standards. We aim at providing quality learning with the least possible cost.

Picking up current affairs and following them is one of the major challenges faced by aspirants preparing for competitive exams. We aim to bridge this gap by providing various new paper articles analysis, live and recorded explanation of various topics through the help of subject matter experts free basis.

Evolving from the idea, verticals like Online Classes, Monthly Current Affairs e-magazine, Subject based Digital question banks through Mobile Apps, for all Govt Job Notifications vyoma jobs, e-commerce portal for books have been developed are widely used as a tool for their success by manay aspirants. solutions enterprise Products re an offshoot of the success and popularity of various verticals among the aspirants.

T Hub

T Hub” established by the Govt of Telangana with an intent to create and promote a healthy ecosystem for nurturing budding start-ups has inducted into its ecosystem from among the 500+ start-ups that have competed for the slot. As part of the incubation program Vyoma.Net has been provided access to valuable resources such as Google Cloud, AWS, Zoho for start-ups etc. T Hub is also opening doors for taking the product to Millions of Aspirants in the Competitive Exam world with the help of Govt of Telangana.

Address: T-Hub, IIIT-Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032



Paving the path to a new future by expanding the platform.


Adopting the idea and building upon the concept to test the waters.


Surging ahead with multiple verticals under the brand ‘VYOMA.NET’. Supported and nurtured to reach half a million users.


Inspired by the efforts of a school teacher.


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